This Is Us



She is a dalmatian, pittie mix and was rescued on November 7,2010, from Charlotte NC.

She had a few rough years with countless allergies, surgeries, and all around health issues.

Trying to find a healthy, yummy and safe treat was next to impossible. 


Why We Started

November 2015 she was affected by a mold recall on commercial pet treat.  That was my breaking point. 

We were fed up with allergies, medications, vet bills, recalls, the horrible ingredients/preservatives/chemicals in other dog treats. 

And FED UP with other companies not having INTEGRITY.

We started dehydrating and haven't stopped!


Whatcha Waiting For?

Daisy may be the boss but I, Dawn (the one who does all the work!)

Once treats were tested and had all licenses, we launched our business in 2016.

The amount of gratitude and love I have for her is immeasurable. I may have adopted her but she definitely saved me.

July of 2016 we added a new addition! Catman Charlie Tuna Melt, Toonie for short. 

He definitely keeps us on our toes & paws. And did I mention how much he loves the treats???

We hope your furbabies love our treats as much as we do!


We are dedicated to provide treats that are Safe, Nutritious & Delicious